When it talks about the basic needs of man, normally these are: 1.Food, 2. Shelter, and 3. Clothing.  Everything else is secondary because we can survive living with or without them—or can we? Other people contradict to this as they believe and wisely consider that the basic needs of man are: 1. Food, 2. Shelter; and 3. Sex. True enough, the first two are accepted conventionally, and the third makes fair point indeed in which we need sex to reproduce yet not in a perverted way. If these needs are not met immediately, we will fight irrationally so as to meet them.

Life before changed drastically up to this digital age. Technology keeps advancing and just can’t get enough of outdoing itself.  And so the needs grew and grew vastly as time goes by. How do you know how much you value something? Know how much you are willing to sacrifice for it. Other people might say that they know they need it because it is what they seek first thing in the morning. Well, case in point you wear eyeglasses or dentures, definitely you’d look for those first. But others will definitely consider smartphones the first thing that they will look for, and perhaps believe it as one of their basic needs. Take it from all the businessmen; they have to know every bit and piece of their business so they will be updated with what is going on. You will definitely see them having a phone pressed against their ears. But did you know, not only those who are businessmen find the need of having mobile phones? Of course we do need it, too, occasionally—all the more if we have our own boyfriends or girlfriends to keep in touch with. We even experience getting minor panic attacks that make us hold our breath every single time we misplace our precious mobile phones—awful lot. But there are a number of people who have a great need of mobile phones to the extent that losing it has become one of their greatest fears. This is termed as Nomophobia.

Nomophobia is said to be a psychological syndrome in which a person is afraid of being out of mobile phone contact. The term was coined by the UK Post Office on a UK-based research organization to look at mobile phone users who suffered anxieties, and it is an abbreviation that stands for “no-mobile-phone phobia”.  It does not just refer to losing your mobile phone. The fear can be induced by just merely running out of battery or credit or having no network coverage. Nomophobes then suffer from anxiety as they irrationally fight to meet their needs of being in mobile contact again. Other Nomophobic people even have more than one or two mobile phones in hand. They see to it that they will still have a way to contact in mobile when one of their phones’ batteries ran out of juice—pretty clever, huh?

Some people even get to buy cheap mobile accessories so as to experience the maximum potential of their mobile phones. This only shows that smartphones can be considered, personally—if not generally, as a basic need. Do you suffer anxieties, too, when your mobile phone got lost? Then you are a certified Nomophobic!



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